2013 Elections

The Oregon Society of Physician Assistants is a strong organization whose efforts are continually improving Oregon as a state in which PAs provide health care.  It is only with active leadership and strong membership that this future will continue to look bright.   

Below are the descriptions of each of the OSPA Board of Director positions which are on the 2013 ballot, followed by candidate statements from the candidates  who ran for each of the open seats. Emails are being sent to eligible OSPA members shortly after July 16, 2013 with a link to an electronic ballot. 

To be eligible to hold an OSPA Board of Directors office, nominees must be OSPA Fellow members and AAPA members. Terms of office begin on August 1, 2013.

President-Elect: (One-year term) (One Position Open)
A three year commitment is involved. In the first year, the president-elect works closely with the other members of the Executive Committee (comprised of President, Past-president and President-Elect) to facilitate a smooth transition to the leadership duties of the President (second year). The third year is spent providing assistance to the President and President-Elect. [At least three-fourths of all official meetings must be attended.]

Director at Large
(Two-year term) (Two Positions are Open - One for a Two-year term and the other for a One-year term)
One Director at Large is elected each year, allowing for alternating openings for this position. This is a voting position allowing the member to become acquainted with the legislative process at the state level while attending board meetings, CME, updating bylaws, and participating as a PA advocate within the medical community.

House of Delegates (Two-year term) (One Position Open)
The Delegates to the AAPA House of Delegates shall be elected for a two (2) year term and governed by the American Academy of Physician Assistants guidelines and shall perform the usual functions expected of this office.

  OSPA Open Positions 



Coralee Koning, PA-C

Candidate Statement 
Physician Assistants have witnessed a great number of changes throughout our history as a profession.  But nothing can compare to the changes that we have noted in the past decade or two.  This is even more true about the changes we expect to see in the near future.

As a practicing PA since 1997, I have witnessed a doubling in the number of entry-level PA programs and the Practicing PA number has grown exponentially.  Programs have moved from undergraduate degrees to the Masters Degree.   The entry level PA has become younger and they are very proficient in technological tools in learning and in practice.  I have witnessed a plethora of technological advancements allowing for more effective telemedicine and even the soon to be opened “virtual medicine” clinic that is to be offered here in the Northwest.  I have seen the PA profession become a “first-time” focus in career choice of high school graduates rather than the “next career that was predominate during my educational experience.   I have also witnessed PAs being relatively unknown to Forbes Magazine pointing out the PA profession is within the top three hottest careers of the future.  I have seen the PA Profession become viable in all 50 states in the United States.  In addition, I have seen PA programs arise internationally, and PA students are being offered international options on rotations.  I see the grass roots efforts of many PA’s to introduce the PA concept to International medical societies in Puerto Rico, the Middle East, Australia, Europe, and Asia, just to mention a few.   Optional residency programs now abound in specialty training from Neonatology to Forensics and even a PhD offering.   And I have seen the introduction of the specialty certification option.  I mention only a few of the milestones that have occurred in the last 16 years only to point out the need for a constant finger of PA leadership on the pulse of the profession and continual need for the PA profession to remain relevant.  

As Director at Large and House of Delegates, I was given the honor of representing PAs in the state of Oregon at the annual AAPA conference this past May.  I listened to the issues that are pertinent in the PA world and watched as veteran HOD’s debated with passion about their hopes and concerns for the PA future. This was a true honor and I look forward to AAPA IMPACT in Boston next year. 

PAs have come a long way even in 16 years and OSPA needs to grow and become more significant to the PAs of Oregon.  The number of PAs in Oregon has grown substantially, mostly in part to the changes expected under the Affordable Care Act.   This is the time to reach out to all Oregon PAs and join our strengths to make OSPA a viable force in the decision-making process and to guarantee safe and effective medical care for the people of Oregon.   OSPA has done a tremendous job the past few years in improving PA presence and practice in Oregon and in promoting of the PA profession at all levels of Medical practice - I would like to continue that trend with your support and vote for President-Elect.

Director-at-Large (Position 1 - Two-year term)

Chris Crum, PA-C

Candidate Statement

The role of the Physician Assistant has obviously evolved tremendously from the early years of our profession. With the increasing demands that are placed on the healthcare system, this role is going to continue to evolve. It is important that we stay current with the changes that are occurring. It is even more vital that we are constantly looking forward to anticipate where we can step up and adapt as a profession to fill these demands. My hope is that with my involvement with the OSPA I can be more aware of where our field is going and to help navigate its course in a way that is beneficial to PAs as well as our patients.


Director-at-Large - (Position 2 - One-year term)

Rachel Stappler, PA-C
  Candidate Statement

I would like to serve as Director at Large for OSPA as to increase my involvement with the organization to help facilitate further growth, strength and interaction.  I am currently the chair of Public Relations and assist with CME speaker coordination.  I would someday like to run for a greater elected position and feel the Director at Large opportunity will help me gain greater understanding and appreciation for such held offices. 


House of Delegates

Alysia Privrat, PA-C

  Candidate Statement

I am running for a seat on the Oregon Society of Physician Assistants House of Delegates because things are changing for PAs in the state of Oregon.  These changes will be even greater as the Affordable Care Act takes its full effect.  I want to be part of that change.  As more healthcare systems bring more PA’s on board it has become more important to establish the PA’s role and maximizing the changes for the better and to facilitate that change.    I want to be an advocate for Pas both in the region and nationally.  I thank you in advance for your vote.


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