Welcome from the OSPA President -
    Saje Davis-Risen, PA-C

    April 21, 2018

    It is truly a privilege and an honor for me to be the President of the Oregon Society of Physician Assistants, the real voice for PAs in Oregon.
    This past year has brought us the regular changes and challenges that face nearly every non-profit society. What's different for the OSPA and the PA Profession in general, is that there are some exciting.....correction, REALLY EXCITING things ahead.
    Let's take a moment to review the successes of this past year:

    1. We've seen increased access to medication assisted drug treatment with the passing of HB 524;
    2. PAs in Oregon now have fluoroscopy privileges;
    3. Our profession now has a seat on the Oregon medical board, a seat that is ably occupied by OSPA member Melissa Peng.
    Now for the future....Oregon's PA profession is in for a wildly successful ride of new opportunities, and new frontiers. Since this is our profession's 50th Anniversary, imagine how the conversation might go between a PA pioneer from 1966 and a new grad from PA school meeting to discuss what PAs can do today, and what we have yet to do.
    Many non-profit societies seem to do their best thinking when they review the past. I am proud to say that OSPA wisely uses our experience to build a better future. I cannot be more proud of the leadership team that shares my vision that the very best is yet to come.
    For me, I envision being able to practice medicine in Oregon alongside our NP and physician partners. Think about it - an unfettered future of equitable regulations, and the opportunity to provide optimal patient care at our maximum capabilities.

    Saje Davis-Risen, PA-C
    OSPA President 2017-2019

    OSPA Mission & Purpose

    OSPA Mission Statement

    The mission of the Society is to promote quality, cost effective, and accessible health care; to support the professional and personal development of physician assistants; and to advance the PA profession as well as the PA/MD team approach to health care.

    Purpose of OSPA

    This society shall be representative of Physician Assistants within the State of Oregon. The Society is organized and shall be operated exclusively for educational and scientific purposes, to improve access of care, and advance the Physician Assistant profession. In furtherance of these purposes the Society shall, through appropriate mechanisms, strive to assure the public of a uniform entry level and continued competency of Physician Assistants. To represent Physician Assistants and Physician Assistant students so as to maximize the benefit of their services to the public, the Society shall:

    • Encourage its membership to render quality service to the health professions and to the public;

    • Assist in the development of role definition for the Physician Assistant;
      Assist with the coordination and standardization of curricula for the Physician Assistant;

    • Participate in the accreditation of Physician Assistant programs;

    • Participate in the development of criteria leading to certification of the Physician Assistant;

    • Develop, coordinate, and participate in studies having an impact either directly or indirectly on the Physician Assistant profession;

    • Serve as a public information center with respect to its members, healthy professions, and the public; and

    • Notwithstanding any other provision of these Bylaws, the Society shall exercise its powers, rights, and privileges, whether conferred by this instrument, or by the laws of the State of Oregon or otherwise, in furtherance of its educational and scientific purposes, and other goals.

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