OSPA Committees 

Membership Committee - No current chair

The OSPA Membership Committee works to:

    • Maintain membership in the OSPA
    • Grow the membership of the OSPA to the maximum extent possible.
    • Send regular communications to OSPA members about the activities of the OSPA to keep members informed, engaged, and renewing their OSPA membership every year.
    • Contact PA employers to promote the OSPA and ask them to offer their PA employees membership in the OSPA as a benefit of employment.
    • Ask PAs to volunteer as OSPA officers, committee members, and other essential roles.
    • And ultimately, by growing OSPA membership, to build a strong OSPA that is more effective politically and strengthening the PA profession in Oregon.

The members of this committee are fun, diverse, and interesting personalities who all get along and have lots of different ideas. If you like brainstorming, marketing, and trying new things, this is a great committee for you!

Government Affairs Committee - Leza Hayes PA-C

Leza Hayes is the chair of the OSPA Government Affairs Committee. She is an Urgent Care PA in Portland. She has been practicing since 2014. She has been a member of the GAC working to protect and further the PA profession since beginning practice.

The Government Affairs Committee is an active group of PAs across practice settings with an interest in engaging with legislative and regulatory agencies about topics relevant to PAs and the profession. The committee works closely with OSPA’s board and legislative affairs staff (lobbyists) to monitor political trends and to effect changes benefiting the profession and patients.

Early Careers Committee - Brian Mills PA-C

Early Careers Committee is charged with developing relationships with current PA students as well as recent graduates. The committee will look to be a liaison between new PAs and the OSPA. This committee will work closely with the PA programs in the state in order to develop these relationships. This committee also intends to provide guidance and assistance as needed to new PAs looking for jobs. We look to help answer any questions regarding resume building or hiring practices. We intend on providing easy accessibility to answer these questions across various communication platforms.

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