Pre-PA Student Outreach

The OSPA Racial Equity Task Force works to address the racial health equity gap that is a healthcare crisis in America.  This subcommittee addresses the vast underrepresentation of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) in our profession by collaborating with the K-12 education system and colleges throughout Oregon to increase the number of  BIPOC candidates who successfully enter into the PA profession.

Subcommittee Members & Tasks

Lillian Navarro-Reynolds: Administrative and Academic Support

Vanessa Landis & Kelsey Khaw: University Level Liaisons

Raquel Padilla Moore: Junior College Level Liaison

Lilian Bornio Carillo: High School Level Liaison

Kathi Norman & Callie Munson: Pre-PA Mentor Experience Liaison

Admission Requirements for Oregon Schools

Oregon Society of Physician Assistants

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