OSPA's Regional Membership Contacts:

Connect With Other PAs in Your Region!

Implemented in 2013, the OSPA's Regional PA Membership Contact Program is a simple way to make a connection with PAs who may have similarity in scope of practice, issues which are region in nature, or clarification on practice issues. While most of the time an issue affecting the PA profession is statewide, there are times when something happens that is closer to home. The OSPA now has regional PA contacts throughout the State.

The Time to Reach Out to Your Regional PA Contact:

  • You or your practice have a question or concern, and would like to communicate with someone closer to your practice?
  • You would find value in gathering with Fellow PAs in your region for a meeting or dinner event?
  • As an OSPA member, you would like to discover a volunteer opportunity of your own.
  • You are new to the OSPA - or haven't yet become a member - the Regional Contacts may have answers to your questions.

Meet Your OSPA Regional Contacts:

Portland/Salem Region Contact 1

David Keene, PA-C
Forest Grove, Oregon

  • Graduated from the University of Kentucky with a certificate as a Physician Assistant.  Received Masters in Physician Assistant Studies from the University of Nebraska. 
  • Spent 20 years with the US Public Health Service with the last 7 years with the Federal Prison in Sheridan, Oregon.
  • I would like to see the OSPA grow into a stronger organization for all the PAs practicing within the state.  That includes those PAs who are practicing in the smaller towns of eastern Oregon and the PAs who are in the larger urban areas.  But that stronger voice is only going to happen if all Physician Assistants in the state come together, and that starts by joining OSPA.

Portland/Salem Region Contact 2

Barbara Martin, PA-C
Portland, Oregon

  • Practicing PA for 12 years
  • Primary Care, internal medicine at a community health center
  • Graduated: The George Washington University PA Program, class of 2000.
  • Being part of OSPA is important to me because as a PA, we need to look out for one another, network together, and build a strong community together to further the PA profession as well as our own careers.

Medford and Southern Oregon Region

David Greene, PA-C
Medford, Oregon

Bend and Central Oregon Region

Nicole O'Neil, PA-C
Bend, Oregon

Eugene and Rural Region

Edwin Weih - PA-C
Oakridge, Oregon

  • Practicing in Oakridge, Oregon since 1992
  • Graduated from Emory University School of Medicine
  • My practice is an intensely rural practice in a town of 3500 with a great deal of urgent and emergent care.
  • I believe in the OSPA because I have seen how it has enabled us to work up to our full potential. We now write for scheduled II narcotics, sign death certificates, practice medicine without the physician having to be in the building the entire time, and in general, work to our potential, all because of the OSPA. Additionally, OSPA has prevented the Oregon Medical Board from restricting our practice.

Coastal Region

Rachel Stappler, PA-C
Coos Bay, Oregon

  • Practicing in Oregon since June 2010
  • Graduated: Lock Haven University, Lock Haven, Pennsylvania 2010
  • Practice: Internal medicine, pain mgmt
  • I believe in the foundation of OSPA as it embraces and embodies the roots of the profession and strives to create a bright and sustainable future for physician assistants in the state of Oregon.

Eastern Region

Kate Grace, PA-C
Halfway, Oregon

  • Have practiced in Oregon since 1997
  • Educated at the University of North Dakota in their Community & rural based medicine school - Graduated 1997.
  • Rural health chair for OSPA for 8 years. Have practiced in rural Health since 1997 in frontier & rural health clinics. I was a nurse for 15 years prior to becoming a PA. 
  • I believe the physician /physician assistant model is perfect for reaching underserved communities - and appreciate what OSPA does to make this possible.

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